The increasingly tough competition in the era of globalization concerns us of the importance to prepare our next generation as excellent as possible. Cognitive abilities (generally related to the ability of the left brain), usually obtained from the conventional education system are no longer sufficient, because everything will be taken over by machines and computers.

The needs of human resources with the abilities of problems solving, decisions making, analysis, logical thinking, have to be supported by their creativity, innovation, imagination, psychomotor skills and soft skills such as the ability to work in teams, and to present their ideas are very important. All those abilities the young generation ought to adequately have, as they sign up as an independent individual in a community

In this case, a good quality education becomes an absolute necessity. This is the concern and mission of PT. Inovasi Robotika for the young generation since the education systems in our country have not yet taking in all the aspects required forming a character of a qualified human resource.


Developing robotics engineering technology systems; therefore the next generation in the future is able to assist mankind in solving problems and evolving robots which are capable of doing the observation and research.


Educating and preparing children with effective and exciting robotics curriculum which can be learned in an entertaining approach at an early age.

A touch of personal approach to each student during the learning process, and so we named it Robo Buddy, a friend to play with, to learn, and to experiment.

Therefore, we have friendly teachers whose provide motivation for learning and improving.